• Adi Eyal


    Chairman of the Board

    Founder of the company. In 1992, Adi founded the flagship Company - Mihshov Yashir LTD from which One1 has grown and developed.

    Adi is the General Manager of the company and since July 2003 serves as an active Chairman of the company.

    Adi has a BA in Economy and a Master Degree Business Administration from Tel Aviv University.

  • Nitzan Sapir



    Nitzan has vast management experience in the IT field and held high level positions in companies such as Amdocs, Inquera and Cimatron.

    Today, Nitzan is the General Manager of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Haifa and the North

    Nitzan has a BA from the Faculty of Industrial Engineering and Management (IE&M) at the Technion - Israel Institute of Technology and a MA in Computer Science and MBA from Tel Aviv University

  • Itzhak (Itzik) Badar



    Ithak is one of the most experiences managers in the Israeli market.

    In the last 15 years, Itzhak served as a General Manager and the Chairman of the Board of GRANOT Central Cooperative Ltd.  (Israel's largest industrial agricultural cooperative) and all its subsidiaries.

  • Daniel (Dany) Stern



    As a high level manager, Daniel has extensive experience in the Israeli market, most of which with Technology services companies. Daniel was the general manager of Pointer Telocation Ltd.  And today works as a private consultant

    Daniel has a BA in Economy from Tel Aviv University.

  • Ayelet Hayak



    Ayelet has extensive experience in the Israeli market.

    She has previously the General Manager of Matzo Rishon Lezion Ltd and later at Paola Company Ltd.

    Today, Ayelet serves a director in various public companies, such as; NEW HORIZON GROUP LTD, Midas Investment Group Ltd., Danel (Adir Joshua) Ltd., M.I. Holdings Ltd. (government Entity), Prashkovsky Investments and Construction Ltd and Silicom Ltd

    Moreover, Ayelet is a Certified Accountant

  • Dina Amir



    Dina has extensive experience in managing complex business systems, and works for Micshuv Yashir and Granot.

    וקבוצת גרנות.

    Today, Dina serves as the manager in ONE1 Economy Department as well as the manager of  Techlease Financing services and Granot Group.

    Dina has a BA in Economy and Political Science from the Hebrew University.

  • Riki Granot



    Riki has extensive experience as a director and manger in the leading companies in the financial market in Israel

    Previously Riki was the General Manager of Prisma Capital Markets Ltd. and the manager of the Portfolio of Hever Company.

    Currently, Riki holds director position in several public companies: .P.C.B. TECHNOLOGIES LTD, Robo Group T.E.K. Ltd and Leumi Trust, part of the Leumi Group

    Today, Riki owns GAREL, a private investment consulting Services Company