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We make technology work for you

CALLUP net is a subsidiary of the One1 Group, headquartered in Israel and traded in the Tel-Aviv Stock Exchange TASE (Symbol: ONE).

CALLUP, founded in 1999, has been a leading reliable provider of Value Added Services and Mobile Device Management Solutions for the telecom industry for over a decade.

CALLUP's customer base spans worldwide and includes fixed, mobile, VoIP telecom operators, MVNE's and MVNO's as well as leading telecom providers that we serve as OEM's to.

At CALLUP we take pride of our outstanding dedicated professional services group which ensures our customers full satisfaction.

We've got your back 24x7 starting from the integration phase throughout rollout and maintenance.

All of CALLUPS's services are fully redundant and are "telecom grade". They work on high availability systems and use standard servers and databases such as HP servers, Oracle or Microsoft SQL database, and seamlessly integrate with operator network elements such as provisioning, alerting system, HLR, SMSC etc.

Our experience guaranties interoperability of the system components with any NW infrastructure (even Hybrid networks), interfaces and legacy platforms, outstanding uptime, capacity and overall performance.

We are a partner you can rely on.


Mission Statement

To become your trusted partner for reliable, interoperable, future proof innovative Value Added Services and Mobile Device Management Solutions.

Providing Telecom operators with tools to rapidly adjust to market trends securing and generating revenues and increasing customer loyalty by providing true value.



CALLUP Solutions:



A complete Voice, Video, Messaging and Content management solution with a single touch point for all your Value Added Service needs. Giving you the edge creating new services monetizing your network assets.

CanVAS puts together an array of back-end components sharing the same resources so you can cut down your initial investments and scale up as needed. 
That is what we call "Real Value".

Back end components include: Voicemail, IVR, SMSC, MMSC, Bulk Messaging, PRBT, WAP GW, USSD GW.




A single touch point for all your Device and SIM Management needs, giving you the edge streamlining your operations and getting ready for the future:
- Supporting all network technologies and topographies. GSM, LTE, CDMA and Hybrid networks.
- Supporting all devices: Feature phones, Smart phones, SIM cards, Consumer electronics and M2M.
- Supporting Multiple Tenancy enabling MVNO and Enterprise device management and control

MDM+ modules include:

Device Management: ADD/ADC, OMA DM, OMA CP

SIM OTA: Remote File Management, Remote Applet Management

CDMA OTAF: Activation (OTA SP), Settings (OTA PA)


Above all, CALLUP platforms are service enablers. Challenge us with your dream service and we will make it happen!
All services are available as cloud services or on-premise physical and virtual installations.

Available services include: Mobile Marketing platform, Roaming Callback Service anda complete Service Creation Environment utilizing CanVAS components.



CallUp Net Limited

Address: One1 Building, 1 Amal St., Afeq  Park, Rosh HaaYin 48092, Israel

Tel: +972 - 3 - 976 7481

Fax: +972 - 3 - 976 7401